Broccoli Rabe Patties

These patties are a perfect blend of pork, broccoli rabe, cheese and spices. They are great on the grill or fried. Sure to please everyone at your barbecue. They can even accompany your eggs in the morning.

Chicken Patties

This alternative to beef patties will please those in search of something different and the health conscious alike. Great at any occasion.

Santa Fe Turkey Patties

The perfect alternative to beef hamburgers. Our Santa Fe patties are great on the grill or fried. For a uniquely delicious burger just add swiss cheese and mushrooms.

Sirloin Beef Patties

Our lean and delicious sirloin beef patties make the perfect hamburger. They are an absolute must at any barbeque.

Sweet Sausage Patties

These homemade sausage patties are ideal on the grill. Great for any barbecue or social gathering.

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