What are the advantages of shopping at Meloni’s online?
With a click of a button, Meloni’s online offers the convenience, service and quality that can be found in our store via the web. We give you the benefit of shopping a specialty store from the comfort of your own home, and guarantee easy delivery right to your front door.

How do I know Meloni’s products are homemade and not prepared from pre-made ingredients?
Although Meloni’s is an online retailer, we also own and operate a traditional walk-in establishment in Turnersville, NJ. This is where all of our products are prepared by hand and will be packaged and shipped directly to you.

Is there any relation to the Meloni Family from South Philadelphia?
Yes, we are a third generation family business with roots dating back to 1938. With years of unparalled experience, Meloni’s strives to set the standard for quality service in today’s ever changing marketplace.

What if I am not eligible for online order placement and home delivery?
If you are not eligible for home delivery, please e-mail us at customerservice@melonis.com or contact us by phone at (856) 228-5000. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Can the plastic trays be used in the oven or microwave?
Our plastic trays are safe for use in both microwaves and conventional ovens. PLEASE NOTE: when using a conventional oven, trays must be placed on a baking sheet and the oven temperature cannot exceed 400 degrees Fahrenheit. For additional information, please refer to the tab labeled “cooking instructions” on our home page.

How long will my products last in the freezer?
All of Meloni’s oven-ready and prepared meals are frozen fresh. When properly kept frozen, our meals can be stored for up to six months.

How often am I eligible for delivery?
Meloni’s online customers that are eligible for delivery can receive their orders twice per month. Please refer to the “delivery information” tab on our homepage for more information.

Should you have additional questions,
feel free to contact us directly via email or phone.

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