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Marinara Sauce

The recipe for Meloni's homememade Marinara sauce is straight from Grandmom Gemma's cookbook. Our Marinara or "gravy" as most would say in South Philly is made with only the finest Italian tomatoes and freshest herbs and spices. A perfect topping to your favorite pasta, pizza or thin sliced chicken cutlet!   

Tray sizes:
Qt. Marinara Sauce: 32 oz. Serves: 4 Price: $6.99
Pt. Marinara Sauce: 16 oz. Serves: 2 Price: $3.49

Tomatoes,onion, parsley, garlic, sugar, black pepper, oregano and other spices 
Remove lid from container and empty contents into sauce pan . Place a lid on top of the pan and heat on stove over low heat. Once contents have begun to simmer the Marinara is ready to serve.

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